Sassy!Finn is actually worth watching tho

Sassy!Finn is actually worth watching tho


I kind of wish that we could have a Finn-centric episode (wait, let me explain) where someone sits him down and explains that success in life doesn’t have to be big and flashy. It doesn’t have to be being rich, or famous, or powerful. It can be supporting your family or continuing your step-father’s business while helping out at the community centre with the Christmas pantomime. Finn isn’t comfortable with himself, which comes from a lot of the important people in his life being very ambitious and him being content with a slower life. 

I just want him to realise that even if he doesn’t change the world, even if all he ever accomplishes is to be a good father and husband that’s enough. 

I call this one “a day in the life of Finn Hudson” 

I call this one “a day in the life of Finn Hudson” 

That time when Quinn was tumblr. 


The Glee Club decide to (Finn)tervene when Finn’s abusive relationship with chairs becomes too much.


finn gets by with the help of his fairy godfathers

i can’t even feel any remorse for this

shhh no words.


It’s yours to have.

They may have had their ups and downs, but Finn and Chairs will always be one of the most moving relationships Glee has ever explored.

At the end it wasn’t Rachel he was waving to, but the chair she sat in. 


but the real question is

will mr. schue ever tell finn about the weed

We had a summer fling.

I don’t even ship but I can’t resist sassy gay Sam! IT’S MY WEAKNESS